People who find a hobby usually pay attention to it. Most hobbies are neither dangerous nor harmful, so no one minds doing what they do. For example, who would mind philately, numismatics, exploration and so on, right?

But someone is unlucky that they like a more problematic activity. Imagine shooting, for example. This is no longer a banality. Having a neighbor who owns a firearm and shoots from the window of his apartment, for example, would no longer be bearable. Because there would be a danger that someone would hurt someone or even kill them. And even if it happened unintentionally, it would be bad.

And so many of those who like to shoot are unlucky. Even air rifles must not be fired where one likes, and with real firearms it is even more complicated.

střílející voják

And so those who want to own and use a firearm must first obtain a firearms license, then obtain the weapon they are allowed to have, and finally they must find a place where they can fire from such a weapon really safely. And there are a lot of complications that discourage many people.

But someone who would like to shoot would still have such an opportunity. And he has it too. He can use the shooting range Praha offer, which exists here for him, for example. Anyone can shoot here. Even the one who does not have a dream weapon, because he will lend him here with other equipment.

zbraň za opaskem

All you have to do is make an appointment and come here, and everyone can enjoy what they want with the help of an experienced instructor. No one here will hurt themselves or anyone else.

This shooting range can be used all year round and in any weather, and because there are instructors who speak not only Czech but also English, foreigners can have fun here. And everyone can be satisfied. Because shooting doesn\’t matter here. This place is just for those who want to shoot without causing problems to anyone.